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Saturday, November 1, 2008

6:04PM - Privacy is for the old fashioned.

Hey Kids! Got nothing to do? Why not crash one of thirty parties whose invitations (complete with home addresses) have been published in Facebook's Boston network. Yeah! Complete strangers, I will be coming over to drink your Bartles & James and then steal your action figures.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

4:06PM - Prepare To Steal Back Your Vote

Here is a link to a streaming/downloadable movie about concrete, documented voter suppression tactics from 2000, 2004, 2006, and the upcoming 2008 presidential election. Apologies for the cheeseball narration, but the content is important.

Free For All - Trailer

Free For All - Full Length Documentary

Sunday, October 5, 2008

6:34PM - Nerd Sunday: How to MMS / Send a Photo with an iPhone

Those 80% of you with a new iPhone may have been frustrated to discover that there is no built-in way to send photos from your phone to someone else's. You can email a photo to a friend's email account, but the phone itself has no application for sending MMS, or multimedia messages.
However, as I have just discovered from reading the Apple Forums, it is possible to email a photo directly to any phone that accepts text messages. How do you do this? First, find out which carriers your friends use and start adding supplemental email addresses into your Contact List. Every cell phone has it's own email address and once you know the carrier then you have that email address:

Alltel =
AT&T =
Boost Mobile =
Cingular (AT&T) =
Einstein PCS =
Sprint =
T-Mobile =
US Cellular =
Verizon Wireless =
Virgin Mobile =

Another option (for the more adventurous and tech-savvy) is to "jailbreak" your phone using PwnageTool. Running PwnageTool is not difficult but it helps to read some instructions. After PwnageTool jailbreaks your phone it will also instal Cydia (an alternate app portal.) You can then use Cydia to download and instal a third party application called SwirlyMMS. After installing the application you have the final step of looking into their forums to find the MMS setting for your carrier. Please note that PwnageTool will not unlock your 3G phone for use with other carriers, it will just allow you to add applications not available in the App Store, and to make certain modifications to the firmware, operating system and graphic user interface.

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